About me

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Stephanie Parsley Ledyard…

... writes picture books, poetry, and middle grade fiction from her Dallas home, which she shares with her husband, Aaron, two funny daughters, one huge lapdog, and two weird cats. She works in a school library and has the great privilege of checking out books to lower school students and hearing about their reading adventures, birthdays, lost teeth, and various mishaps.

Stephanie was born in Archer City, Texas, and she grew up in nearby Wichita Falls, where she had a lot of time to wander freely with her best friends. They explored fields, spent long days at Wenonah Park, and got lost on their bicycles while trying to find the swimming pool. They baked things, broke things, and made many wonderful messes while their parents were at work. 

In first and second grades, Stephanie felt kind of not-smart. The whole reading thing didn’t click for a while. But in third grade, she moved to Crockett Elementary school, where Mrs. Thompson seemed like the kindest teacher ever. Stephanie became addicted to writing poetry in fourth grade, when she received what appeared to be (in her limited experience) a wild response to her original, somewhat-school-inappropriate poem, “The Booby Trap,” which she read aloud in language arts class. That was a really long time ago.

Stephanie moved to Austin for college at The University of Texas, where she barely squeaked by but still learned big stuff and ended up with a journalism degree and a lot of science hours. She has worked as a lifeguard, office clerk, clothing-resale-shop salesperson, Daily Texan reporter, barbecue restaurant cashier/onion-relish-maker (which was as bad as it sounds), part-time nanny, music festival PR intern, bike-shop salesperson, bank employee relations specialist, hospice children’s grief program coordinator, piano accompanist, library assistant, fourth-grade teacher, and more. Stephanie has an MFA in writing for children and young adults from Vermont College of Fine Arts.